Construction Progress

  • 2013


    The 6th floor is completed. Our team works very hard to make this wonderful New Year gift for all of you. The structure of roof garden is finished too. Soon, we will see 7th and roof top floor.


    Huge construction progress in February, now all floors are already completed. Generator, transformer and MDF are on site. Water piping system, electricity system, air condition system, main stairs, lobby, juristic person office, etc are nearly completed too. Lastly, internal wall of 2nd to 4th floor are done.

    Construction work Progress   Construction work Progress
    Floor 100% completed Swimming pool structure 100% completed
    Internal wall Up to 5th – 6th floor Stair Up to 7th floor
    Electricity system Up to 5th floor Elevator structure and roof 100% completed
    Water system Up to 7th floor Lobby structure 100% completed
    Roof garden structure 100% completed Maintenance room structure 100% completed
    Fitness room structure 100% completed Roof top toilet structure 100% completed

    The main swimming pool on roof was already filled by cement. Kid pool and deck area will be begun soon. Plastering the internal wall and installing balcony rails are completed in certain floors.

    The preparation of septic tanks (sewage treatment system) is on process.

  • 2012


    By making respect to the Guardian Spirit of the land, we, The Unity Patong team believes that we will have given ourselves, our business partners and our clients some good luck in business and life.

    Before officially starting construction in May 2012, we already did soil test, bearing load test, cleared some parts of land, plot gridline to locate the foundation area and drilling some rocks.

  • May

    The construction is officially started! Our two backhoe loaders work 8 hours per day to complete excavating work within one month.

    We already removed the old show unit and built temporary worker camp. We also installed the temporary protection to enhance the security for building I and to scope the construction area.

  • June

    After one month excavating work, we require to adjust construction plan due to many huge solid granite rocks on the ground.

    Original plan was to start the whole foundation at the same time however our professional consultant team suggests to do by zoning. Even though there are some delays in foundation, tentative completion day will remain the same.

  • July

    The sky crane is on site! The 90% of excavating work is done and we already reached approximately 55-60% of foundation work.

    Tentative completion of 1st floor remains the same (end of August)

  • August

    Foundation and underground water tanks are 100% completed however with everyday raining, we still could not do soil compacting in order to precede the 1st floor. We hope to get sunshine for 4-5 days so that we could finish the 1st floor soon.

  • September

    Count down for our 1st floor! Half way of 1st floor was done.

  • October

    The 1st floor is finally completed. The 2nd level will be coming soon.